Most Beautiful Object in South Africa

The Delicate Bracelet may now be named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa

We were announced The winner of the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at the 2020 Design Indaba Conference.

Design Indaba's annual endeavour to find the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa manifests as a competition open to public votes and an exhibition. The competition has been running consecutively for the last 13 years, with this year’s iteration supported by Mercedes-Benz South Africa. A range of ten incredible designs were nominated by 10 public personalities, with each vying for the coveted title.
The Delicate Bracelet, which was nominated by Blessing Ngobeni, was voted in as the uncontested winner by members of the public. The Delicate Bracelet was made by the non-profit community project Izandla Zethuthat is based in Walmer, Port Elizabeth. The NPO creates employment and develops skills to empower young people. The bracelet is made using corrugated iron, a material commonly used to build shelters in informal settlements.
It symbolises the transformation of poverty into beauty through creativity. “Other than the fact that it is handmade from recycled material, I like the fact that it is made from corrugated iron sheet–a piece of material that we, as South Africans, are familiar with and many of us hold dear,” explains Ngobeni.
“The material of the bracelet got me thinking about the meaning of beauty, and even adds to my view about beauty–that it has to be honest and truthful.

We feel so honoured and blessed with the attention that follows this competition. It proves to us, that people do care about social and environmental responsibility.

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